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Proales Gosse, 1886
Original spelling:
Valid Name:
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Parent taxa:          Family / Order / Superorder / Subclass / Class
Proalidae / Ploima / Pseudotrocha / Monogononta / Eurotatoria
Taxonomic / nomenclatural notes:
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Type species:
Notommata decipiens Ehrenberg, 1830; subsequent designation by Harring (1913) [Ref.17237].
Nomenclatural status:
name in current use
Original: "Of moderate or small size; body generally cylindric, or larviform; ciliated face more or less prone; brain clear; auricles and tail wanting."
Amended, after De Smet (1996) [Ref.15471]: Body fusiform, vasiform, roughly cylindrical, or tapering towards toes. Usually illoricate, rarely semiloricate. Head and trunk separated by neck-fold. Trunk usually tapering towards base of foot. Foot varying greatly in length and shape with different species: indistinct or short, medium long to very long, pseudosegments present or absent. Two ± short toes (except P. doliaris with one toe). Corona usually an oblique disc, with well-developed marginal cilia and 2 lateral tufts of densely set, long cilia; without retractile ciliated auricles. Buccal field large, evenly ciliated, with mouth at ventral margin. Apical field not usually enclosed by marginal ciliation, sometimes dorsal. Rostrum slightly developed in some species. Eyespot usually on or near brain, rarely frontal or absent. Retrocerebral organ present, rudimentary or absent. Mastax often very small; trophi malleate, a modification of the malleate type or virgate. Rami roughly triangular, usually with teeth at their inner margins, basal apophyses large. Fulcrum usually wedge-shaped, short to medium long, ± in line with the flattened rami. Unci with 1-7 teeth. Manubria ± long. Epipharynx two rod- or irregular, wedge-shaped pieces.
Free-living, epiphytic, epizoic or parasitic. Freshwater to halophile."
Original reference:
Hudson, C T;P H Gosse 1886:  The Rotifera; or wheel-animalcules, both British and foreign. / I+II / VI+128, pl.1-15; 144, pl.A-D,16-30
v.2, p.36
Latest Revision:
De Smet, W H 1996:  Guides to the identification of the microinvertebrates of the continental waters of the world / 9 / 102